6th February 2021 Love Your Pet Day


We contacted Ted from VIPOOCH and asked him if he would like to be part of our Love Your Pet Day. He instantly said count us in !!! This didn't surprise us because Ted and his team have always been wonderful supporters of SoCares. Thank you once again Ted & your team. On the day Ted will be offering $30 dog washing regardless of your dogs size. To secure your spot, please select your time slot, book and pay online ..... easy !!! This will be a covid compliant event.

Purpose .....

With an increasing number of orphaned neonates (puppies and kittens), malnourished pregnant mums, stressed and certain trauma cases coming through our facility we would love to supply our brilliant team with a few extra intensive care supplies on hand to provide the best ongoing and preventive care solutions possible.....We would love to have on-site our very own ICU small animal incubator to provide our special and neonatal cases a higher chance of survival and recovery. The incubator or humidicrib will provide us a more isolated, safe and controlled environment space to suit their individual and ongoing care needs..... By supporting this dog washing day along with other planned fundraising events our goal is to hopefully raise $2500.