Socares Love Your Pet Day

6th February 2021

Paw it forward ....

FREE MICOCHIPPING : WHY TAKE THE RISK, GET YOUR PET CHIPPED!!! Microchipping your pet cat or dog is very important. If your pet becomes lost then you are far more likely to become reunited if he or she is microchipped.

We see so many pets unable to be reunited with their owners because they are not chipped. It is a distressing and avoidable situation to be in. Bookings are essential. To book please leave a comment in our Socares Free Microchipping event booking post requesting a time/number of dogs/cats needing to be chipped OR PM us these details. The booking post will be updated with times booked as we receive them. Please ensure all dogs are restrained on lead at all times and cats are brought into the facility in carriers.

FREE VACCINATION : We have a limited number of vaccinations available. A prebooked appointment is required. Preference will be given to members of the community who are disadvantaged and financially unable to vaccinate their beloved pet. Litters are not part of this incentive. Please lodge your application online to organise an appointment by clicking here  


We will then contact you to book in a time to vaccinate and also microchip your pet if needed. Vaccination appointments are available from 6th to 12th February 2021.

Microchip Check : Update your chip details or complete registrations.

FREE PET FOOD : Help yourself food stations will be available on the day for those that need a helping hand.

Funraising on the day ....

With an increasing number of orphaned neonates (puppies and kittens), malnourished pregnant mums, stressed and certain trauma cases coming through our facility we would love to supply our brilliant team with a few extra intensive care supplies on hand to provide the best ongoing and preventive care solutions possible.....We would love to have on-site our very own ICU small animal incubator to provide our special and neonatal cases a higher chance of survival and recovery. The incubator or humidicrib will provide us a more isolated, safe and controlled environment space to suit their individual and ongoing care needs..... our goal is to hopefully raise $2500.

VIPOOCH Dog washing event - To find out more information & to book click here 

Valentines Themed Pet Photo Shoot - To find out more information & to book click here 

Valentines Day Woof - Meow - You Raffle Drawn 12/2/2021 - Check out the fabulous prizes & purchase tickets online click here        OR purchase tickets from our office.

Garage Sale - Come along and grab a bargain for your pet. A gold coin donation is all that is needed.