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Rescuing Today.
Changing Tomorrow.

Be An Animal Change Guardian

Socares Central Coast
Animal Shelters

2 Depot Road

Charmhaven NSW 2263

(02) 4350 3184

Pateman Road

Erina NSW 2250

(02) 4304 4350

About Us ....

Since 1 July 2014, the Society of Companion Animal Rescuers (SoCares) has been managing the Charmhaven impound operations on behalf of Central Coast Council. We also operate as an adoption centre for the unfortunate stray dogs and cats that are not claimed by their owners.

August 2021 SoCares was awarded another contract to continue to manage the Charmhaven Animal Care Shelter as well as a contract to manage the operations of the Erina Animal Care Shelter from 1/10/2021.

We manage and operate the only two pounds located on the Central Coast and are leaders in pound reform.

Socares is a registered Not For Profit Charity and an approved rehoming organisation - R251000079.

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