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7 Year Old  Female Mastiff x Rhodesian Ridgeback

Meet Jessie...... AKA: Jess Jess, Wiggly Girl, Jessie Bum Jessie is a beautiful girl who just adores being with humans. She loves going for walks but will keep letting you know that she’d love a butt scratch or 2 while on your adventure. Jessie was quite stressed when arriving at our facility but after sometime and good ol’ TLC and reassurance she has settled well. Jess is a goofy girl, loves her food enrichments, especially those made with peanut butter! She also loves having fun with her plushy toys… though they don’t seem to last long.


Jessie Girl is a strong girl who does tend to pull on lead at first, she will need continuation of overall training and improvement for her lead manners. She can be treat motivated and will listen to her handlers, often looking back at them while on her walks for reassurance.


Size: Large

Colour: Tan & White

Location: Erina Facility

Adoption Fee: $200

Personality: All Smiles

Toilet Trained: No

Other pets: Jessie has shown us that she really has had little to no socialisation with other canine friends. She shows concern and intrigue when face to face with other dogs and will approach to sniff but if the dog is quite excitable then Jess will give a growl and then avoid. In saying this, Jessie would be best as an only dog. As she is located at our Erina facility, we are unable to test her with cats.

Type of household: Jessie girl would be best suited to a home with no children or older children with large breed experience, active family who will commit to furthering her training as well as daily walks to burn off her energy, willing to include Jessie in day to day activities and welcome her in as a apart of the family. Jessie’s adoption fee covers: microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea & worming.


If you meet all of Jessie’s above requirements, we would love to hear from you. Please lodge your adoption interest online


Rehoming Body No: R251000079



1 Year Old  Female Staffy Cross

- Introducing Pippin -

Pippin arrived at SoCares as a stray without a microchip. Unfortunately no one called looking for her during her impound period and now this sweet girl is available for adoption.

Pippin is just a beautiful little dog. I mean,

come on!! Look at those ears and that smile!!!!

Pippin is only small, about knee high, but she has the biggest heart and loves everyone.

She is always so happy to see you and wants nothing but cuddles and attention from you, she laps it up and just can’t get enough.

Pippin is a dream to walk on the lead and doesn’t overly pull. She does enjoy running through puddles when she out and about on a walk.

She does have lots of energy being a young dog so will need a family that can take her out on lots of adventures with them.

Sex: Female

Age: 1 Year Old

Breed: Staffy Cross

Colour: White & Black

Adoption Fee: $450

Size: Medium

Location: Charmhaven Shelter

Personally: Gorgeous Girl

Type of household: Pippin does need some training when it comes to her basic commands, like learning how to sit. She is a lover of food so training her shouldn’t be difficult with food as her motivation.

It does appear as if Pippin might have been abused previously as she does cower when anything is raised above her head. Pippins new family will need to be understanding of this and give her lots of positive reinforcement so she knows she doesn’t need to worry about being abused again.

Pippin would suit pretty much any home as she is such an easy going girl. She won’t ask for much, just a warm bed, food, toys and a family to love her.

Other pets: Pippin has shown she is cat friendly. When she was introduced to a cat, her and the cat were nose to nose. Her tail was wagging the whole time. After having a sniff, Pippin was very happy to walk away.

Pippin is dog social but can be a little shy around boisterous dogs. It would be beneficial for Pippin if her new family could take her out on play dates with other social dogs so she builds up her confidence around the more boisterous dogs.

Pippin's adoption fee covers: Microchipping, lifetime registration, desexing, current vaccination, flea and worming treatments.

Please lodge your interest to meet Pippin




1 Year Old Male Cattle X Rotti

- Meet Tommy -

Tommy is a very handsome mix of Cattle X Rotti breeds. Isn't he just divine....

Tommy came to us as a stray and not claimed by his owner. We all agree that Tommy is their loss and we have gained the most beautiful boy.

This gorgeous soul is a big ball of fun and loves all types of adventures. He can be excitable at times but given that he is still only young, Tommy is a pretty good well behaved young man.

Tommy will sit for treats, loves toys and relishes all sorts of attention. Whether it's a pat or cuddle, Tommy doesn't mind, as long as you show him some love.

Sex: Male

Age: One Year Old

Breed: Cattle Dog X Rottweiler

Size: Medium/Large

Colour: Tan & Black

Adoption Fee : $450

Location: Charmhaven Shelter

Personally: Goof Ball

Other pets: Tommy has great manners towards other canine friends. He play bows to initiate fun and enjoys their company. Tommy may be able to be housed with feline friends. He has shown some interest when meeting them but was easily distracted and moved on.

Type of household: His new family must be an active one and take Tommy on daily walks and outings. He still requires some command training and when he is excited Tommy does jump up, so these are areas that he needs further guidance with. At this stage we wouldn't recommend that he be housed with small children.

We envisage Tommy thriving with a family who has a big back yard to run around in, takes him on trips to the park and a puppy chino on the weekend.

Tommy's adoption fee covers: microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea and worming treatments.

If you can provide the lifestyle that Tommy requires, we would love to hear from you. Please lodge your adoption interest online




5 Year old  Male  American Staffy 

~ Meet Mak ~

Look at this adorable, handsome boy!!!  Don’t you just want to cuddle him?

Mak arrived at SoCares as a stray. He was microchipped and contact was made with his owner multiple times however they never came to reclaim him.

Mak is a solid dog but he really is a sweetheart. He is such a lovable boof head!!! Mak thinks he is a lap dog and is always trying to get cuddles from people. Being the size he is, he is never going to fit in anyones lap but we don’t have the heart to let me know this.

Mak loves his walks and can pull quite hard on a lead.  He does require a physically strong owner to take him for walks. Mak doesn’t like raised voices or sudden movements. It’s highly likely he has been mistreated in his previous home.  Mak loves food and will sit on command.  He loves food so much that he needs to have some time alone while he eats.

During the colder nights at the pound when Mak wears a coat, it is always on him in the morning. He is a good boy keeping his kennel tidy and doesn’t destroy his bed or eat his bedding.

Sex: Male

Breed: American Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Colour: White & Brown

Age: Five

Adoption Fee: $350

Size: Large

Location: Erina Shelter

Personality: Beautiful Squishy Boy

Toilet Trained: No

Other pets: At the time of his assessment Mak hadn’t been desexed and he only had love for other desexed males and females. Once Mak is desexed and his hormones settle down he might be less put off with other non desexed males trying to interact with him.

Mak seemed scared when he met a cat but staff aren’t confident he can be rehomed with one just yet. He is a work in progress.

Type of household: 6ft fencing is an absolute must for this boy. Mak can he rehomed with older children but only if they are confident around big dogs. Mak does jump around a lot and could accidentally knock over small children or the elderly.

Mak’s adoption fee covers: Microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea & worming treatments.

Mak was used for breeding purposes in his previous home and is now looking to live the life of luxury where he is treated like a king and not used by someone to make money from.  If you are interested in meeting this wonderful boy, please lodge your interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079



10 Month old Male American Staffy X

- Meet Hades -

Poor Hades was left in our overnight kennel with pink antiseptic spray applied over his body. He was so confused and worried. We really felt for this young boy. His owner failed to claim him, so we have shown him lots of love and care and this precious boy is ready to find a family that will love him forever.

Hades still requires some training and socialisation. We have been working with his lead manners and he does tend to bite the lead when excited. He has made improvement but this is an area that his new owner will need to guide him further.

Hades really is just a big playful pup. It's obvious that his previous owner did not provide him with the necessary attention that he needed. He loves treats and this gains his attention to be able to get him to perform some basic commands. Once in a home environment with a committed owner, he will only keep improving and develop into a very well behaved boy.

Sex: Male

Age: 10 months

Breed: American Staffy X

Colour: Black & White

Adoption Fee: $350

Location: Charmhaven Shelter

Personally: Live Life To The Fullest

Toilet Trained: No

Other pets: Hades has an enthusiastic approach towards other canine friends. He loves to play and interact but he will only be able to be housed with another buddy that is tolerant of his behaviour. Hayes has shown no interest when introduced to our shelter cats however he would need to be closely monitored if you already have a feline pet.


Type of household: Hades is only young and requires a lot of guidance and training from his new owner. Opening up his world with adventures, experiencing new environments and made to feel loved and secure will certainly set this boy up for a happy, well adjusted new life.

At this stage Hades would suit a mature household who have previous dog experience.

You can lodge your interest to meet Hades online




9 Month old Female Staffy X

- Meet Frankie -

Frankie is a young girl. She still needs some training and guidance but she loves to learn and has a beautiful, loving nature.

Frankie is always very eager to get out of her kennel to greet you. She can initially pull on the lead due to her excitement, but in time she does settle and gives you lots of love.

Frankie loves everyone and will even stop eating her meals if she knows she can get some cuddles from you. She will often roll over onto her back so she can also get some belly scratches.

Frankie is a very smart dog and all she needs is some consistent training. She loves her treats and toys so this is a great training tool.

Sex: Female

Breed: Staffy Cross

Adoption Fee: $500

Age: 9 Months Old

Size: Medium

Colour: Black, Tan & White

Location: Charmhaven Shelter

Personally: Miss Loves Everyone

Type of household: Frankie's new family must be committed to providing training and opportunities for Frankie to experience new environments. She loves the outdoors and being active. She would be a perfect running or walking companion for someone who also loves to get outdoors and be active.

We recommend Frankie for a household with older children as Frankie could potentially accidentally knock young children over with her playful jumps.

Other pets: Frankie is very dog social. Frankie can be rehomed with another dog, but they will need to match her energy levels and be able to keep up with her constant need to play. She wouldn’t suit a home with any smaller or elderly dogs.

When Frankie met a cat she was able to be nose to nose with them. She did initially have some raised hackles however they quickly disappeared and staff believe it was more because she was unsure of the situation rather than her trying to be aggressive towards the cat. Frankie was also quite easy to walk away from the cat and didn’t care to pay it any extra attention.

Given Frankie’s playful nature and the possibility in time she will want to interact with a cat we recommend if she was to be rehomed with cat they be used to large dogs.

Frankie's adoption fee covers: microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea and worming treatments.

If you can provide Frankie with a lifestyle that will continue to see her grow and blossom, then please lodge your interest online


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2 Years old Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier X

~ Meet Gloria ~

Aka Hippo ....

First and foremost if you love water and dogs, then this plump lady is absolutely for you!

Gloria arrived at SoCares with no microchip and no owner came forward to reclaim her. With her not having a microchip staff picked her name and decided to call her Gloria after the hippopotamus in the movie “Madagascar”.

At the time staff didn’t know how much Gloria loves playing with the water from the hose, but now everyone agrees her name couldn’t be anymore fitting.

Gloria has a cheeky stubborn side and she gets easily distracted. Getting her to sit, even for food is always a challenge. Even though she has lovely big ears she really needs to use them to listen more 

Gloria loves to play with plush toys and does enjoy a game of tug of war. She is quite strong and can be a bit vocal when playing. We all think she just likes the sound of her own voice 

Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years Old
Adoption Fee: $350
Size: Medium
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
Colour: Blue & White
Personally: Cheeky
Toilet Trained: No
Location: Charmhaven Facility

Other pets: Gloria can be a sassy queen around other dogs and cats and prefers to be in the company of humans. This robust lady loves going on walks, however she can pull on the lead quite a bit so she will require a physically strong owner.

Type of household: Gloria would suit a single person or a family, however her new owner must be aware that she does jump around a lot and get over excited so could potentially accidentally knock over small children. Gloria will need a home with solid, 6ft high fencing.

Gloria’s adoption free covers: Microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea & worming treatments.

If you would love to be welcomed by this gorgeous girl’s huge smile each day we would like to hear from you. To lodge your adoption interest

Rehoming Body No: R251000079 

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10 Month Old Male American Staffordshire Bull Terrier X

- Meet Polo -

Polo is a very sweet soul and a people focused boy. One of his favourite things to do is push himself into you so you give him a back scratch. He is in heaven....

Polo loves playing with toys and when you throw a plush toy for him he will bring it back to you and let you take it off him without an issue.

Polo gets very over excited when he sees his food bowl. Polo will take advantage of any food left out so his new family will need to monitor this as to avoid him over eating or eating something he shouldn’t. He is happy to share his food and very gentle when taking treats from you, but boy he will inhale his food quickly if not supervised.

Staff have been told that prior to Polo arriving at SoCares, he never walked on a lead and would just walk next to the person out with him. Because of this, Polo is unsure of how to walk well on a lead and can walk quite slow. While walking he is always stopping and looking up to his handler for reassurance.

Sex: Male

Age: 10 Months

Adoption Fee: $500

Breed: American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Colour: White & Black

Location: Erina Shelter

Personally: Mr Happy

Other pets: Polo is dog friendly and loves to play. When he sees another dog his tails wags so fast out of happiness.

When Polo met our shelter cats he initially barked, then put himself right in between his handlers knees and wanted nothing more to do with them and was more than happy to leave the room. Therefore we believe Polo is ok to he rehomed with a dog social feline friend.

Type of household: This beautiful boy requires some further lead and command training but he loves to learn. His new family must want a canine buddy to take part in their everyday life and be included within the family home. Without the company and love of his humans, Polo will not blossom and be an unhappy boy.

Polos new family must have solid 6-8ft fencing with nothing around it that Polo could use as a booster to help him climb the fence. He has shown staff that he can climb if he can get a foot hold, so nothing other than colourbond or brick fencing will be suitable in his new home.

Polo's adoption fee covers:microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea and worming treatments.

Have you got lots of time and love to give Polo? If so, please lodge your adoption interest online


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9 Year Old Male American Staffy Cross

- Meet Our Man Mozz -


Do you love senior dogs?

Do you have no other pets?

Are you home more often than not?

If you answered yes to these questions, then Mozz might just be the mate for you.


Mozz is a gentle old soul who shouldn’t be in a shelter in his old age. He needs a nice, warm home where he can get lots of attention, snacks and love. Sweet Mozz has no idea why his previous owners decided not to come and claim him. Unfortunately shelter life is starting to take its toll on Mozz.


The two things that make Mozz happy are people and toys. His whole demeanour changes when he sees he is getting some one on one time with staff or when he gets some new plush toys. Mozz has a huge collection of toys in his kennel but it doesn’t matter how many he already has, he gets so excited when he is offered more.


Mozz is a dream to walk on a lead and a great walking buddy. During his walks he thoroughly enjoys sitting with you and lapping up lots of cuddles while he soaks up the sunshine. Mozz knows his basic commands and can sit and shakes hands. He is a gentle boy really easy to handle.


Sex: Male

Breed: American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Size: Medium

Age: 9 Years Old

Adoption fee: Nil... adoption fee has been donated

Colour: Blue & White

Personally: Sweet Senior Boy

Location: Charmhaven Shelter


Other pets: Mozz prefers to give his love to people over other canine or feline friends. Mozz can appreciate other dogs from a distance but does not tolerate them invading his personal space. Mozz is not suitable to be homed with cats.


Type of household: Being a senior gentleman, Mozz would be happy to potter around a backyard, have a good sniff, then come back inside and just relax next to you. Mozz loves company, so his new family must have lots of time to spend with him and welcome him with open arms. Mozz has been vet checked and recently received a full dental.


Mozz's adoption fee covers: microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea and worming treatments. If you think you can give Mozz the warm, loving home that he deserves, please apply online





1 Year Old Male Amercian Staffy  X

- Meet Ace -

Ace is one awesome handsome boy! He is happy 24/7 and greets you like he has known you forever.

Ace has recently been transferred from our Charmhaven Shelter to our Erina Shelter and has fitted in like a dream. He has adapted really well to his new surroundings and has already made some new doggy friends.

Ace loves his toys and in particular anything that makes a noise. His love of food makes training him easy to gain his focus.

Sex: Male

Age: One

Breed: American Staffy X

Colour: Black & White

Adoption Fee: $350

Location: Erina Shelter

Personally: Everyone's Best Friend

Toilet Trained: No

Type of household: Ace absolutely loves attention from people, and does have a habit of bouncing around and jumping up on you from excitement. For this reason we don’t recommended Ace’s new family have any small children or elderly family who Ace would be interacting with on a daily basis.

Ace’s new family needs to be very active and physically strong, as Ace is also a strong young man.

Other pets: It would be very beneficial for Ace to be rehomed with another canine companion who can match his energy levels.

When Ace met some cats at our shelter he appeared scared of them. When one of the cats hissed at him he made a quick exit out of the room. Any introduction to feline companion must be done slowly.

Ace's adoption fee covers: microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea and worming treatments.

If you would like to have the pleasure of being greeted everyday by this delightful soul, please lodge your interest online



Mr Billy CoMak

10 Month Old Male American Staffy Cross

Only a dog this awesome can have a name like Mr Billy CoMak!


Mr Billy CoMak lives life to the fullest and has lots of energy to burn! He literally never stops! If you are someone who is very physically fit and strong and are always on the move, then this boy might just be the perfect buddy for you.


Outside of our shelter environment Mr Billy CoMak is so much calmer and focused. Being in a noisy shelter is only adding to his over stimulation and it is very hard for him to relax. For this reason we would love to see him in a home sooner rather than later.


When focused Mr Billy CoMak does sit when asked and he walks fairly well on a lead, only pulling when he sees another person or another caine because he is super friendly and wants to say hello. One of Mr Billy CoMak loves is toys! Plush toys or balls, he doesn’t care he loves them all.


Sex: Male

Breed: Staffy X

Age: 10 Months

Size: Medium

Colour: Black & White

Adoption Fee: $500

Location Erina Shelter

Personally: I Love Everyone


Other pets: Mr Billy CoMak is extremely dog social. At times he can play quite rough which some dogs may not appreciate. For this reason we do not recommend he be in a home with smaller dog breeds. Mr Billy CoMak is not suitable to be rehomed in a household which has cats or pocket pets.


Type of household: At this stage due to Mr Billy CoMak's high energy levels, we recommend that he isn’t rehomed into a family with young children or the elderly. Mr Billy CoMak's previous owner has not invested much time towards this gorgeous boys training. Once settled in a home environment with a routine of exercise and lots of interaction, he will no doubt blossom into a much calmer boy. Mr Billy CoMak requires solid 6ft fencing.


His adoption fee covers: microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea and worming treatments.


If you have the time and commitment to ensure Mr Billy CoMak will live a happy life, we would like to hear from you. Please lodge your interest online,



Jaffa use.png


3 Year Old Female Kelpie  X

Jaffa's adoption profile will be added soon. ....



11Month Old Male Staffy Cross Kelpie

~ Introducing Handsome Ash ~

Ash came to us as an unclaimed stray. He really has had a hard time adjusting to our shelter environment and needs to be settled into his new forever home sooner than later.

Away from his kennel Ash is a much happier boy and that's when he comes alive.

Ash is a clever boy. He can already sit and shake hands. Once focused he loves to learn and interact with you. Plush toys and treats are his favourite things plus lots of cuddles while being told he is the best boy.

Ash enjoys his walks. Once his initial excitement eases, he walks well in lead and is a great walking buddy.

Sex: Male

Age:11 Months

Breed: Staffy x Kelpie

Adoption Fee: $500

Colour: Brindle & White

Location: Erina Shelter

Personally: Clever Boy

Toilet Trained: No

Type of household: Ash would suit most households that are active and want a doggy friend to share their life with. Ash loves the company of humans so it's important that his new family have time to spend with him and include him in fun family activities. Ash requires some further training as he tends to jump up on your when excited.

Other pets: Ash is dog friendly. He previously lived with a female canine and they got along well. Ash can be hesitant when meeting new buddies and requires slow introductions. Ash is not suitable to join a household with feline friends.

Ash's adoption fee covers: microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea and worming treatments.

Ash is a gorgeous boy and deserves a new start with a family that will love him unconditionally. If you would like to be considered to adopt Ash, please lodge your interest online




10 Month Old Male American Staffy Cross

~ Introducing Lovely Lexi ~

Lexi is almost the perfect girl.

She is people friendly, dog friendly, walks well on a lead, knows how to sit and shake hands and takes treats very gently from you.

Lexi loves going on walks. She walks really well on a lead, easy to manage and doesn’t overly pull. She loves her food and if you have a treat, you have her undivided attention which makes training an easy process.

Sex: Female

Age:10 Months

Breed: Staffy Cross

Adoption Fee: $500

Colour: Brindle & White

Location: Erina Shelter

Personally: Sweet Princess

Toilet Trained: No

Type of household: Lexi has shown some fear of sudden movements and loud noises. It does take her some time to come around once she is scared. We recommend that Lexi is in a quite home without any young children. Lexi has a soft nature and will require time to adjust to her new family and home environment.

Other pets: Lexi is dog friendly however she can come across as unsure when she initially meets a new canine friend. Once she has had time to sniff and realises they are friendly, Lexi relaxes, gets very excited and wants to play.

Lexi isn’t too keen on cats. When she met some cats she barked at them and her hackles came up. Staff had her on a lose lead and she happily left the cat room without being asked. She didn’t lunge at any of the cats but staff do believe she would chase one if her new family already have a feline companion.

Lexi is a small to medium sized girl, however we do still recommend 6ft fencing.

Lexi's adoption fee covers: microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea and worming treatments.

Lexi is an awesome girl and and her new family would be lucky to have her as their new family member. If you would like to be considered, please lodge your interest online