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16 Month Old Female American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross 

Molly is a stunning young lady who has an excitable loving personality.

Beautiful Molly has only known a life of breeding by a back yard breeder and she has given birth to multi litters for such a young girl. We are on the lookout for a perfect, loving new family for Molly, who will adore her and provide her with unconditional love.

Molly is eager to meet new people but it can take time for her to be completely at ease.  Molly loves to be with her humans and will need to be allowed inside of the family home so she feels included and loved.

Molly only slightly pulls on the lead and she loves to sniff and explore the outdoors. Molly already knows some basic commands and this precious girl is toilet trained. Because Molly has previously lived an insulated life, she has been unsure of some canine friends that she has met while in our care. We feel this will improve if Molly is given opportunities to socialise with them in a controlled environment. At this stage Molly would be best suited to an only dog home until her confidence improves. Holly is not suited to a home with cats.

Over the time that Molly has been in our care we have witnessed her blossom with each day. Molly deserves the best life after what she has gone through and her new family will need to be understanding with a positive approach towards her while she learns to trust and become comfortable with being placed in new situations.

Due to Molly’s initial excitable behaviour we believe Molly would best suit a family with children from 13 years of age. She is not suitable for apartment living.

If you can provide everything that Molly needs to give her the best possible life we would like to hear from you. Please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

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3 Year Old Male Rotti Cross 

Mack’s stature is a far cry from the big teddy bear that he is. He has a soft soul and a sweet heart. Mack has come a long way since in our care. This once fearful boy has learned how to enjoy life and is becoming more confident with each day.

Mack is a stunning boy and very handsome. He is a beautiful mix of a number of breeds, Staffy, Rottweiler and American Bulldog.

Mack is easy to handle and he loves to be out with you enjoying the outdoors. It appears that Mack has not had the opportunity to socialise with many canine friends in the past. He is very accepting of them but still needs a slow introduction and time to settle. Mack is not a fan of kitty friends.

We believe Mack would be best suited to a family with children from 10 years of age. His new humans must want a new family member who will be welcomed into the family home, be prepared to walk him daily, give him time to settle into his new environment and shower him with lots of love & attention.

If you can provide a loving and stable forever home for Mack, we would love to hear from you. Please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

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4 Year Old Male Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle

Yoggi is a happy, loyal, energetic boy who has a beautiful nature. He loves to live life to the fullest and is always ready for some action and fun. Yoggi is a big soft teddy bear who is very accepting of everyone that he meets. People instantly fall in love with his bubbly personality.

Yoggi would be a perfect companion for an outdoors adventurer as he enjoys being kept active with bush walks, splashing and swimming in puddles. Yoggi has been on a number of pack canine walks while in our care and he has displayed lovely manners towards his pound buddies. He particularly gets along with less invasive canine friends who are relaxed and happy to be in his presence. Yoggi has not been too interested in our facility cats however due to his breed he would need to be closely monitored if in their company.

We feel Yoggi would best suit a fun family with older children who have experience with his breed. Yoggi will need a large back yard to play in and a committed owner who can guarantee Yoggi lots of attention, stimulation, love and time.

If you can provide everything that Yoggi needs to give him the best possible life, we would like to hear from you. Please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

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Clair - On Hold 24/11/20

15 Month Old Male Labrador Cross 

Clair was reluctantly surrendered into our care. She was adored by her family but they felt she needed more simulation and time which they could not provide. We have made a promise to her previous owner to find Clair a perfect forever home.

To be considered to adopt Clair you must be in a position to provide her with a stable home environment which is positive and loving. Clair will need lots of exercise to maintain her happy soul and it is imperative that Clair is welcomed into the family home and treated as a family member.

Clair is extremely loving and very accepting of anyone that she meets. She adjusts well to new situations and an all-round sweet heart. Clair’s previous owners have invested lots of time training her and she is 90% there. She will need further guidance with her manners as she tends to bark at other canine friends. This is not done in a way of aggression, Clair just gets super excited and wants to engage play with them.

Clair has previously lived with children and is house trained. Her previous canine housemate was a senior and they got along well but Clair would be better matched with a canine friend who can accept her enthusiasm.

We are yet to test Clair with cats and she will not be suited to apartment living.

If you are an active family who enjoys the outdoors and able to provide Clair with lots of cuddles and attention, then you may be perfect for Clair.

Please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

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6 Month Old Male Staffy Cross 

Joyous, playful, mischievous, handsome and lovable sums up Spook to a tee.

Spook is a bit of a blank canvas. His previous life was an insulated one where he has not received much attention, training and love. He craves it and at his happiest interacting with you and giving Spook lots of quality time.

Spook does need training. His new family will need to be committed and provide the necessary training for Spook to grow into a well-adjusted young man. We have commenced training with him and he is always willing to learn however he does become distracted if other canine friends are nearby. Spook is also in the process of learning his manners when in the company of canine buddies. He is still quite silly around them but appears to be calmed by older medium sized friends. Spook is not suitable for a home with cats.

Spook very much likes to be with his humans and will only thrive in a home where he will be included as part of the family and given lots of stimulation to keep him happy. Daily walks in the community to provide Spook with opportunities to build up his confidence when faced with new situations is a must. Spook is not suitable for apartment living.

If you can offer this gorgeous young man a secure and loving life, we would like to hear from you. Please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

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