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3 Year Old Female American Staffordshire Bull Terrier X

Our beautiful girl Nina is not coping in our pound environment. Her anxiety levels have increased and she really needs to find a perfect, loving home where she feels at ease so she does not need to worry.

Nina loves people and super excited to interact with everyone that she meets. She craves attention and greets you with lots of enthusiasm and love. Nina would suit a house hold with children aged from 13 years and with no cats. Nina is accepting of other submissive canine friends however she still needs some guidance when meeting them due to her eager approach.

Nina sits for lead placement and is wonderful on the lead after she settles from her excitement of knowing she is going for a walk. Although Nina knows some commands, she still needs some training and guidance from an experienced Staffy owner.

For Nina to blossom she requires structure and routine in her life. Daily walks and positive reinforcement to build up her confidence is a must. Nina is the most loving girl and humans are important to her so she would need to be allowed inside to play a part in your everyday life.

If you have secure fencing, in a position to provide this precious girl with everything she needs, please lodge your interest online

Nina’s adoption fee covers her microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, up to date vaccination, worming & flea treatments.

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$300 Subsidised Adoption Fee


10 Month Old Female Mastiff Cross

Have you heard of sectoral heterochromia? This is what Maze has in her right eye. Part of her iris is a different colour than her other eye. Her eyes are already amazing, this just adds to her lovely uniqueness.

Maze is a stunning girl, a real show piece and her inner beauty is equally remarkable. She is a happy 24/7 type of girl, affectionate and trusting. Maze still needs some guidance with her excitable puppy traits, but this can be easily overcome with some consistent training and regular exercise.

Maze is very friendly towards other canines and instantly wants to become friends. Maze play bows to entice them to interact with her and initiate play. We have tested Maze with our facility cats and she was uncaring of being in their presence.

Toys keep Maze occupied however she is an active girl who will be best suited to a family who enjoys the outdoors and adventure. Maze simply will not flourish without this type of lifestyle.

If you have secure fencing and meet Maze’s requirements, we would love to hear from you.


Please lodge your adoption interest online www.socaresanimal

Maze's adoption fee covers her microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, up to date vaccination, flea & worming.


Rehoming Body No: R251000079

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2.5 Year Old  Male Rottweiler

Brock is a happy go lucky type of young man, strikingly handsome and a whole lot of fun.

Brock has a warm heart and has a beautiful, accepting nature. His jovial character has us in stitches with his goofy traits. This loving boy enjoys being kept busy with lots of interaction from his humans. Brock is good on the lead but can pull at times when he is excited.

This adorable boy enjoys interacting with his pound buddies. He does at times attempt to hump which may be off putting for some other canines. To overcome this, his new owner will need to redirect him away from the situation and look for other ways at the time to burn off his excessive energy. Brock will not be suitable to be homed with feline friends.

So Brock can grow to be the best behaved man we would prefer that his new family be Rotti breed experienced. They will also need to have amble time to invest in him to make Brock feel welcomed and part of the family unit. A home with older children is preferable.

Brock’s adoption fee covers, microchipping, desexing, lifetime registration, current vaccination, flea & worming.

If you are looking for fun loving boy and can provide everything that Brock needs to give him the best possible life, we would like to hear from you. Please lodge your adoption interest online


Rehoming Body No: R251000079

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