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18 Month Old Male Bullmastiff Cross 

Chops is amazing. He is a happy 24/7, smart and extremely handsome young man.

This chunky boy just loves to please. He loves spending time with you and at his happiest keeping you company as you go about your day.

Chops is treat driven and gets so excited when you produce a ball. He will play fetch with you for as long as you a willing to throw a ball for him.

Chops is an all-round delightful boy who has no concept of his size and strength. He thinks he is a lap dog!!  Therefore Chops would be best suited to a family with older children. He will need guidance to help curb his excitement when meeting new people and also for pulling on the lead while out walking.

Chops is enthusiastic to meet new canine friends and has shown nice manners towards them. Chops has shown some interest when meeting our SoCares cats. At this stage a home without them would be advised.

Being an adventurous young man, Chops will need an experienced new owner who will take the time to keep him occupied with games, play and walks. He loves people and will only thrive in a welcoming home environment where he will be given lots of love and attention.

If you can fulfil all of Chops needs we would love to hear from you. Please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

Available Now


Rex & Harry

4 Year Old Male Border Collie X Cattle

If you need motivation to be more active and enjoy being outdoors, we have the perfect companions for you.

Bonded brothers Rex & Harry have a love for humans, food and exploring. They are high energy and have lots of enthusiasm for life and adventure.

They have unique loving personalities. Rex is the cool and collective brother that goes with the flow while Harry is more sensitive and tends to rely on his brother for support. They are both super affectionate and enjoy lots of cuddles and belly rubs.

Other than his brother, Harry is not confident interacting with canine friends. He seems to put up a bit of a barrier when meeting new dogs whereas Rex doesn't mind the company of other friends but chooses to not interact much with them. Both have displayed some uncertainty when introduced to our facility cats.

Their previous life was an insulated one and they are really enjoying having their lives opened up to the outside world. They are thriving with every opportunity to have fun, lots of playtime and learning new things. These gorgeous boys are very people oriented but at this stage we believe a home with older children would be advisable. Both boys still need some further training and guidance, especially Harry.

If you are able to open up your home and heart for Rex & Harry we would love to hear from you. A committed new owner with experience of their working breed mixes is desirable. Please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

Available Now

$800 (bonded pair)


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