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18 Month Old Male Bullmastiff Cross 

Chops is amazing. He is a happy 24/7, smart and extremely handsome young man.

This chunky boy just loves to please. He loves spending time with you and at his happiest keeping you company as you go about your day.

Chops is treat driven and gets so excited when you produce a ball. He will play fetch with you for as long as you a willing to throw a ball for him.

Chops is an all-round delightful boy who has no concept of his size and strength. He thinks he is a lap dog!!  Therefore Chops would be best suited to a family with older children. He will need guidance to help curb his excitement when meeting new people and also for pulling on the lead while out walking.

Chops is enthusiastic to meet new canine friends and has shown nice manners towards them. Chops has shown some interest when meeting our SoCares cats. At this stage a home without them would be advised.

Being an adventurous young man, Chops will need an experienced new owner who will take the time to keep him occupied with games, play and walks. He loves people and will only thrive in a welcoming home environment where he will be given lots of love and attention.

If you can fulfil all of Chops needs we would love to hear from you. Please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

Available Now



18 Month Old Male Husky Cross  Labrador

This stunning happy boy is in need of a new forever home after he was reluctantly surrendered to us by her owners. Due to changes in their life, they could no longer care for Arlo and provide him with a life that he deserves.

Arlo is a magnificent looking man with an equally beautiful soul. His soft demeanour makes him initially a little shy of new people. But once you gain his trust he opens up to you quickly and wants to be your best friend.

Arlo requires company. To thrive and be happy, he will do best rehomed to a family who has lots of time and love to give him. Arlo has previously attempted to dig under fencing because he was left alone for long extended periods of time. This boy is intelligent and requires exercise and stimulation. All it will take is a daily run or long walk combined with being included as part of his new family’s life.

Arlo is accepting of some canine friends and others not so much. If you have another family dog then an introduction will be required to see if they can coexist. We have cat tested Arlo and he seemed disinterested in them.

This gorgeous boy deserves the best. He has already been unsettled once therefore his new family will need to be prepared to offer him a lifetime commitment of security, devotion and love. Arlo is not suitable for apartment living.

If you can offer Arlo a life that he requires, please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

Available Now



12 Month Old Female American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Even though this beautiful girl has lived a life of uncertainty, she has been left unaffected. Narla is everything you could ask for. Loving, smart, gentle, super dog friendly and fine with cats.

Narla is so easy to love due to her calm, beautiful nature. She will sit and shake when asked and wonderful company. She delights in having her belly rubbed and enjoys lots of cuddles.

Narla is able to coexist with both, canine and kitty friends. She approaches them in a non-invasive way and they are very accepting of her. As soon as Narla sees another canine friend her face lights up, her tail goes a million miles an hour and she wants to be instant friends. Narla would be suitable to take to most places, a swim at the beach, walks in the parks and rides in the car would suit this perfect girl.

During her short life Narla has been let down by her humans. This has been through no fault of her own.  To be considered to be Narla’s new family, you will need to be able to provide her with a forever home which is stable and loving. Narla is not suitable for apartment living.

Please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

Available Now



2 Year Old Male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

This boy has the sweetest nature. He is extremely loving and an absolute little gem.  Jacko is happy 24/7. When he sees you his tail wags a million miles an hour and he will collect one of his toys to greet you with. He is only 2 years old but has a kind old soul.

Jacko loves, loves treats and is not a fussy eater. He will eat anything offered to him. Jacko loves to play and wonderful to walk on the lead. He is also dog and cat friendly and would make a great little buddy for children of all ages.

Jacko will thrive in households where he will be accepted as part of the family and be included within the home. He needs to be with people because this is important to him.

Jacko has had a rough start to life but he appears to be unscathed by this experience. He is a perfect gentlemen and a little treasure. If you are able to provide the very best life for Jacko, please lodge your adoption interest online

Rehoming Body No: R251000079

Available Now



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