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Paw It Forward

We do lots of work behind the scenes formulating projects that SoCares has had in place since 2014 when we commenced managing the Charmhaven Animal Care Facility on the Central Coast.

One of our main projects is the Paw It Forward program that assists the animals of the most vulnerable and financially disadvantaged people in our community. This initiative, which also helps our long term SOCARES animals, is supported by public donations and fundraising. 

Our Paw It Forward Incentive Covers:

Microchipping – a $20 donation allows us to microchip four animals.

Animal Desexing  – a $150 donation contributes to the cost of desexing a dog or cat.

Impound fees – a donation of $41 - $244 will assist someone struggling to pay to get their beloved animal released.

Registration Fees – a donation of $50 - $216 covers the cost to register a cat or dog.

Food For Animals – a $15 donation for a cat or a $15 to $30 donation for a dog, will help us feed someone’s pet in the community for a week.

Subsidising An Adoption Fee – Any amount will assist us to lower the adoption fee for one of our long term SoCares animals which helps them to be rehomed.

Kitty Scratch

Your donation will improve the lives of vulnerable animals

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