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Donate Your $5 Coffee To Help Blackie

Blackie was found wandering by a member of the public and conveyed to our Charmhaven Shelter. Her microchipped owner failed to collect her.


Blackie is 6 years old and was previously used for breeding. Due to the number of caesareans that she endured, the skin on her stomach was really thin and scarred. Her desexing was a difficult one, requiring Blackie a month to recuperate. While undergoing her desexing Blackie's teeth were checked, revealing grade four (bad) dental disease requiring a number of extractions. 

Blackie has been recuperating with her wonderful foster carer, Kerrie and now well enough to undergo her dental procedure.

Her dental will cost $630. We are hoping that our fabulous supporters can help us raise the funds needed. If we can get 126 people to forgo a $5 coffee next week the money will be raised in no time .

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